Should you use it?


In a word, NO. There exists several NO moments when considering the use of this product. The first of which is how the software protects its users. On installation the software warns the user to shut off any antivirus detection software as it may prevent Rapport from installing correctly. This is a major red flag when installing “supplemental” security software. It means that the software at least behaves like and possibly conducts the same activity as malicious software. On a closer examination it would appear that Rapport alters hundreds of files in the OS in an attempt to circumvent almost all MS Windows APIs (just try checking system file signatures after Rapport’s installation). Something that no security software attempts to do due to operating system stability issues. Stability issues and resource management are the main complaints about this product. A quick Google search makes this painfully clear.

 To add security insult to stability injury, the software collects keystrokes and online financial credentials, encrypts them, then stores them on a server somewhere for use in analyzing online financial activities. They do this, they claim, to identify and prevent fraudulent online financial activity that is committed using your information. With the ever increasing amount of data breaches occurring, even in some of the largest and well funded corporations, its hard to justify allowing any company to store such data and utilize it on a considerably wide range of activity, no matter the reason.

 Trusteer’s product line is also provided free of charge to consumers through licensing conducted by large financial institutions. Trusteer’s revenue is provided solely by large corporations and special interest groups and not by the consumer, which in turn means that its not the consumers best interests but corporate interests that drive the development of the products.

 The software also installs self defense methods in the event another piece of software attempts to remove it. In some cases it has been seen that trying to remove this software using its built-in removal method has resulted in corrupting drivers, rendering network adapters useless, deactivating Windows licensing, blue screen errors and failure to boot. It would be wise to contact either Trusteer support or other technical professionals if one were so inclined to attempt removal. 



 If your banking website offers you premium protection with this product please save yourself the trouble and decline immediately. If you happen to already have it installed on your machine please contact Trusteer support or your particular IT to remove it.